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Apr 17, 2018

Lab Technician – Textiles Chemical Technician


Follow all relevant regulations and policies of the company.

Independently test the chemical properties of textiles and make samples for dyeing according to safety regulations and submit work reports.

Superior weft knitting equipment maintenance and common problem handling ability.

Operate textile chemical testing equipment (dyeing, PH), especially textile dyeing and finishing equipment.

Teamwork ability.

Sample management in the laboratory area.


Familiar with textile fabric structure and process.

Proficiency in Microsoft office system, especially in Excel.

Simple English reading and writing ability.

High school education or above.

knowledge and skills priority:

- Five years or more warp knitting experience is preferred, especially for Karl Mayer's Trick and Raschel weaving equipment.

- Familiar with lab test procedure.

- Familiar with basic properties of textile raw materials.

Location: Mainland China (FOSHAN)