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The patented THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER structure creates open spaces within the fabric, trapping air to help keep the wearer warm. A fabric’s ability to insulate is measured by its CLO value and fabrics with THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER technology can achieve CLO values that are typically 25 to 30% higher than standard denim fabrics. The dual layer technology is also engineered to enable faster drying next to the skin, helping the wearer stay warm and dry.

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  • Helps you stay warm in cold conditions
  • Helps you stay dry next to your skin
  • Long lasting performance
  • Helps ensure consistent performance

Building on the heritage of the THERMOLITE® brand, new THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER fabric technology takes denim insulation performance to a new level. With CLO values that are typically 25 to 30% higher than standard denim fabrics, jeans of THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER are a great choice for your winter wardrobe.

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Qualifying Fibers

Product Features Cross-Section
360W Cationic dyeable, Staple yarn Hollow
361SY Cationic dyeable, Filament yarn, Fully-drawn yarn Hollow
656FM Disperse dyeable, Filament yarn, Highly-oriented yarn Trilobal
727EF Disperse dyeable, EcoMade fiber spun from recycled plastic bottles, Staple yarn Hollow
727W Disperse dyeable, Staple yarn Hollow
727WSD Disperse dyeable, Staple yarn Hollow
727Z Disperse dyeable, Optional spun-in black color, Staple yarn Hollow