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Apr 11, 2017

Arvind and INVISTA have enjoyed a long-standing and successful partnership working together to bring the latest innovations in textiles to brands and retailers across the globe. The two firms recently teamed up to launch the festive collection for 2017 – DECODE. This fresh and ultramodern denim collection was showcased in spectacular displays and a flamboyant runway show held last month at The Lalit in Delhi and Mumbai.

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CALIK DENIM Launches Thermo Boost Denim Featuring THERMOLITE® INFRARED Technology

Jan 27, 2017

How It Works

Thermo Boost Denim is made with THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology, which provides innovative performance benefits that today’s consumers’ desire. This denim is solar-activated by the sun, or artificial light sources, using a unique blend of near infrared (NIR) yarns with proprietary additives. The yarns absorb the NIR rays to raise the temperature of the garment, while the system’s integrated high-quality insulation traps air and minimizes heat loss in cold temperatures. As an added bonus, Thermo Boost Denim also features LYCRA® T400 fibre for extra comfort.

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Stay Warm in Wrangler’s Cold Ready Denim Collection for Winter

Nov 29, 2016

The WRANGLER® brand launched in 1947 with an innovation platform focused on creating the best possible jeans for cowboys. Today, WRANGLER® continues to create high-quality jeans, but now they are designed to fulfill the needs of modern consumers. “Looking good, working hard” is the guiding principle woven into every WRANGLER® design, and the brand platform is Born Ready™. With the introduction of THERMOLITE® technology across the WRANGLER® Cold Ready product range, consumers will be protected from the harsh cold, while still looking great. Blending fashion and function, the collection includes modern fits that you can live comfortably in, enhanced by innovative finishes.

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