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Nov 12, 2020

Introducing H&M’s latest HEAT UP TECH menswear collection. A line of on-trend essentials and key winter styles that combine H&M’s effortless style with supreme functionality.

THERMOLITE® technology helps keep the wearer warm for longer, without adding bulk or weight to the apparel. Engineered to deliver intelligent fabrics for everyday wear, the technology traps the air inside the specially designed fibers.

The lightweight warmth of THERMOLITE® technology helps designers and retailers to develop on-trend winter essential pieces - stylish apparel that can stand up to the multitude of activities the modern consumer takes on during their average day. Going from bike to boardroom, H&M’s HEAT UP TECH collection powered by THERMOLITE® technology is perfect for the everyday “urban athlete”, keeping him comfortable, while looking his best.

Including a selection of long and short sleeve t-shirts, jackets, joggers, essential base layers and more, H&M’s HEAT UP TECH collection offers shoppers core winter essentials in a neutral palette, perfect for mixing and matching as needed. The collection is available starting today in select stores and online at

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THERMOLITE® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.