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With THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade Technology, THE NORTH FACE thermal boots embrace the cold with a touch of environmental caring.

Oct 25, 2018

Industry challenge

The outdoor industry is in the midst of change as both the business landscape and consumer lifestyles continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Today’s consumers are searching for hybrid outdoor apparel with versatile functionality, rather than purchasing activity-specific apparels. Consumers expect their outerwear to help them better manage comfort and warmth, garments must have lightweight, breathability and moisture management properties to meet with an array of end uses across a multitude of cold weather activities. With the growth of sustainability movement, consumers also getting more concern about the environment and they are supportive to use products that contain environmentally-responsible or recycled components

THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade Technology


In a Nielsen study*, 66% of respondents indicated a willingness to pay more for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact, up from 55% in 2014 and 50% 2013. The LYCRA Company has integrated the lightweight warmth promise of the THERMOLITE® brand into fiber made from 35% recycled resources such as plastic bottles, which results in more in more sustainable high-tech battings that is GRS certified.

*Source: Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, 2015.

THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade Technology_Insulation illustration

Application Development

THERMOLITE® insulation with excellent lightweight warmth properties have long been used in THE NORTH FACE thermal jackets and sleeping bags. Based on changes in consumer demand, the window for thermal business is growing, thus the range of applications for THERMOLITE® insulation materials is also expanding. In view of this, Japan GOLDWIN Co. Ltd. decided to be one of the first to apply the latest THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade technology in THE NORTH FACE 2018 autumn/winter thermal boots collection, including men's, women's and children's boots, meeting consumer’s expectation in every possible way.

New thermal boots with THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade Technology

Product Introduction

With THERMOLITE® insulation, THE NORTH FACE winter booties improved product weight and warmth. The lightweight and soft sole is combined with a nylon upper, plus a fit that is specially tailored for the Japanese consumer's foot shape. The unisex design is wearable for either every-day or active activities, making the wearer feel light and comfortable all the time. Available online!

THERMOLITE® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company


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