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The LYCRA Company launches THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade insulation - a breakthrough in high performance outdoor wear

Jan 31, 2018

The LYCRA Company brought something special to January’s Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, Colorado. Two prominent Asian suppliers of synthetic thermal insulation – Ziran Non-Woven and Shinih Enterprise – presented commercially available insulation padding incorporating THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade technology.

THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade insulation_skier

This pioneering The LYCRA Company technology incorporates at least 35% of recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Giving new life to polyester, while avoiding the landfill, is a significant additional incentive for the environmentally-conscious outdoor types targeted by leading brands and retailers.

It’s all-round good news for them – and for outlets competing for their attention. Far from being less thermally efficient, THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade padding increases the warmth-to-weight ratio of fabrics, as well ensuring superior water resistance, compression and recovery characteristics, and the durability of garments.

The LYCRA Company’s partners in Denver won’t be alone in anticipating high levels of interest in the new insulation padding at a time when sales of high quality outdoor garments are increasing steadily in the US, Asia and Europe, and research points to fast-growing numbers of consumers willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products.

Besides taking fiber technology in a new consumer-pleasing direction, confidence in the THERMOLITE® brand is an added advantage in a busy category where quality varies widely and it can be hard for shoppers to judge performance from what they can see and touch in store.

THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade insulation open up a whole new field of product differentiation possibilities. For The LYCRA Company, it’s the latest, game-changing chapter in a 30-year story of working with leading mills, brands and retailers to develop technically advanced high-performance products.

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THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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