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THERMOLITE® brand innovations in winter denim launched at spring Kingpins shows

Apr 08, 2016

Two exciting new THERMOLITE® brand innovations for winter denim have been unveiled at Kingpins denim shows in Amsterdam (13-14 April 2016) and New York City (11-12 May 2016). Denim made with new THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology and THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER technology are engineered to provide a higher level of warmth and insulation than traditional denim fabric. 

Denim made with THERMOLITE® INFRARED  technology increases its temperature when exposed to solar or artificial light. Unique fibers made with ceramic pigments absorb infrared rays and convert this energy into heat the body can feel, while the fiber technology provides insulation and minimizes heat loss.

THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER  technology helps the wearer stay warm and dry. Its dual layer structure creates open spaces within fabric to trap air, and it is engineered with a moisture push-pull effect that enables faster fabric drying next to the skin. Denim made with this patented new technology can achieve insulation values that are typically 25% to 30% higher than standard denim. 

“These THERMOLITE® PRO technology innovations were driven by consumer research* that showed more than 70% of respondents were interested in the concept of a winter jean,” explained Jean Hegedus, Global Segment Director for Denim at INVISTA . “THERMOLITE® INFRARED and THERMOLITE® DUAL LAYER technologies can be used independently or in tandem to create fabrics with enhanced warming and insulating properties. These technologies last the lifespan of the garment and do not wash out.”

*Denim/active study conducted by ICM Research, January 2016